What is veCAKE?

What is veCAKE?

veCAKE stands for vote-escrowed CAKE. It is not transferable, and the only way to acquire veCAKE is by staking CAKE. The maximum lock time is 4 years; the longer you lock your CAKE, the more veCAKE you’ll receive.

What is the purpose of veCAKE?

veCAKE tokens serve a crucial role in PancakeSwap's governance, enabling you to actively participate in PancakeSwap’s governance proposals and Gauges Voting system. This allows you to vote on broader governance proposals and influence the allocation of CAKE emissions within liquidity pools.

What are the benefits of holding veCAKE?

Weekly Rewards: Claim CAKE rewards regularly through CAKE Staking and Revenue Sharing.

pageEarn CAKE Weekly

Gauges Voting Participation: Influence and boost CAKE emissions in your preferred pools, by engaging in Gauges Voting every 2 weeks, with results applied bi-weekly. Adjust your voting preferences for each gauge at intervals less frequent than 10 days.

pageGauges Voting

Vote Incentives: Access additional incentives by claiming bribes from our veCAKE Managers

pageBribes (Vote Incentives)

Governance: Vote on governance proposals for matters related to gauge approvals, protocol changes, emission adjustments, etc.

Liquidity Rewards: Amplify CAKE rewards akin to bCAKE when providing liquidity to v3, v2, stableswap, or position managers sequentially. This sequence commences with BNB Chain v3 on November 27th, 2023, followed by BNB Chain v2 and Position Managers.

IFO: veCAKE balance gives you iCAKE to participate in PancakeSwap IFOs


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