"Don't call it a roadmap"
Updated on October 11, 2022

Finally, it's a roadmap not a to-do list.

Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too.
Pivoting is a way of life.
That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes and developer resources.
Due to considerations of security and confidentiality, some items are not included in the ‘Cooking In’ section.


Cooking in Q4

  • Multichain PancakeSwap is expanding to more blockchains
  • Trading Product Upgrade
    • New swap router to improve capital efficiency and trading experience
    • Market-maker integration


  • NFT Gamifications Potential collaborations with other top projects on BNB Chain
  • NFT Market Phase 3 - open NFT platform Other improvements and upgrades



  • Stablecoin Swap
  • Zap - Provide liquidity in one click
  • Perpetual Trading
  • Limit Orders
  • Charts & other trading features on-site
  • Migration to Exchange V2 (exchange, liquidity, farms)
  • Pancake Bridge
  • Token Risks Scanning
  • Multichain Swap & Liquidity


  • CAKE Staking
    • Fixed-term Staking
    • CAKE Side Pool - Flexible CAKE staking on the side of locked staking
  • Fixed-Term Staking Benefits
    • iCAKE, IFO benefits
    • vCAKE, weighted voting power
    • bCAKE, farm yield booster
    • Events with well-known projects
  • Farms
  • Crosschain Farming
  • Syrup Pools
  • Syrup Pool Farm Boosts
  • Auto-compounding CAKE-CAKE Syrup Pool
  • APR/APY Calculator v3
  • Harvest all function


  • Lottery v2
  • Prediction v0.2 Duo currency with BNB and CAKE with Chainlink Price Chart and Chainlink Keepers
  • Team Battle (Trading Comps as a Service)
  • Pottery Lottery by staking New Pottery cohort every month


  • NFT Market Phase 1 & 2(buy & sell whitelisted NFT collections)
  • Customizable User Profile
  • NFT drops
  • Pancake Squad generative NFT collection

Site Upgrades / CAKE / Other Products

  • Mobile-first navigation & site overhaul
  • Analytics: Info site
  • IFO CAKE Pool & IFO 3.0
  • IFO
    • Private Sales with NFT Utility
    • cIFO, Private Sales with Pancake Profile points utility
    • Token vesting
    • iCAKE integration
  • PCS Mini-Program in Binance App