"Don't call it a roadmap"
Updated Oct. 13, 2021

This is not a roadmap: It’s a to-do list.

Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too.
Pivoting is a way of life.
That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes and developer resources.
Items in the Backlog/exploration phase have not been forgotten, they’re just lower priority in the immediate future than those in the other phases.


  • Pending
    • Team Battles/Trading Competitions as a Service: allow BSC projects to sponsor trading competitions on PancakeSwap for their LPs to increase volume (and burn more CAKE)
    • Charts & other trading features on-site
    • Zap (single-sided liquidity provision): Contract is done, waiting for FE resources for integration.
  • Backlog
    • Limit orders
    • Other major updates to the trading experience
  • Done
    • Migration to Exchange V2 (exchange, liquidity, farms)
    • Major performance upgrades
    • Team Battle 1


  • Pending
    • Integrated liquidity provision flows (relates to Zap in “Trade”)
  • Backlog
    • Fixed-term Staking
    • Multi-reward Syrup Pools
  • Done
    • CAKE Staking
    • Core Pools
    • Community Pools: Host BSC community project Pools, support with 0.1-0.2x CAKE farms
    • Auto-compounding CAKE-CAKE Syrup Pool
    • Syrup Pool Boosts
    • Farm Auctions
    • APR/APY Calculator v2
    • Harvest all


  • Pending
    • UI/UX upgrades to Lottery
  • Backlog
    • Prediction without using Scheduler
  • Done
    • Lottery v2
    • Prediction v0.2

NFT Ecosystem

  • Pending
    • NFT Market Phase 2 - buy & sell whitelisted NFT collections
    • Profile Points Ecosystem
  • Backlog
    • More NFT Utility
    • NFT-based Gamification: Complete tasks, level up etc. to earn NFTs
    • NFT Market Phase 3 - open NFT platform
  • Done
    • Customizable User Profile
    • NFT drops
    • Pancake Squad generative NFT collection
    • NFT Market Phase 1

Site Upgrades / CAKE / Other Products

  • Pending
    • Personal dashboard
    • Portfolio
    • Overview pages for Earn, Win
    • Ongoing emissions reductions
  • Done
    • Mobile-first navigation & site overhaul
    • Analytics
    • Voting v2
    • IFOs v2
  • Backlog
    • Referral System
    • Hackathon
    • Lending & Borrowing: Lend and borrow BSC and LP tokens - CAKE provides rate discount
    • Margin Trading: Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain — periodic CAKE buyback and burn

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