What happens if I do not withdraw after lock period ends?

Once the lock period ends, users will be able to withdraw their staking rewards and principle amount. If a user does not withdraw, the funds will still receive flexible daily rewards, which have a lower payout than locked staking rewards.

What are the fees for early withdrawal?

Should you choose to withdraw your funds early, schedules and penalties are as follows:

Withdrawl Fees/Pool

30 Day

60 Day

90 Day

No Withdrawal

First 10 Days

First 20 Days

First 30 Days

15% of deposit amount

11-20 Days

21-40 Days

31-60 Days

2% of deposit amount

21-30 Days

41-60 Days

61-90 Days

No Fee

30 Day Unlock

60 Day Unlock

90 Day Unlock

For more clarity on how the days are counted, refer to the following example of a 30D pool starting Oct 1 at 11:00hrs:

From Oct 1 11:00hrs to Oct 11 11:59hrs -> No Withdrawal

From Oct 11 12:00hrs to Oct 21 12:00hrs -> 15% Fee

From Oct 21 12:00hrs to Oct 31 11:59hrs -> 2% Fee

After Oct 31 12:00hrs -> No Fee

How are daily rewards accrued by PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is offering Simple Staking in partnership with Binance Earn. By using PancakeSwap Simple Staking, your funds will be managed by Binance Earn for the locked period.

Assets may be used for on-chain staking in a tightly controlled manner. Binance may stake through official staking pools, or operate validators and nodes to participate in Proof-of-Stake (POS) network staking. The staking pool selection is determined via stringent risk assessment protocols. Validators and nodes operated by Binance are set up with security as the utmost priority.

Binance may also run promotional campaigns from time to time that are sponsored by partnered projects in order to attract more users.

How do PancakeSwap and CAKE Holders benefit from this?

PancakeSwap takes a small % of APR rewards for offering the service to our users. This will be converted into CAKE and burnt. For CAKE holders, fixed-term CAKE stakers will receive boosted APRs if they have locked at least 100 CAKE.

What happens in the withdrawal process when "Withdrawal approval is pending"?

Once withdrawal/unstake is requested, users will receive the funds in their wallet along with the principal amount. If you receive a "Withdrawal approval is pending" alert, it represents a slight delay during the withdrawal due to an administrative process. Users will have to request unstake in a couple of hours and will receive the funds on the same day.

What's next for Simple Staking?

The next plan for Simple Staking is to offer more tokens and have the product go multichain in Q4.

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