How to Play Pottery

PancakeSwap’s Pottery is an alternative way to stack CAKE other than just locking and staking your CAKE in the staking pool, this guide will walk you through how to navigate in the PancakeSwap web UI to participate.

Learn more about the product structure, risks, fees of the PancakeSwap Pottery here.

Deciding if you'd like to enter a Pottery cohort

A new Pottery cohort is created on the first Monday of each month. Each cohort may have different amounts of CAKE deposited which would affect the weekly prize pool and your odds of winning. The bigger the total value locked in that cohort, the larger the weekly prize pool, but with the same CAKE deposit size you may also get a lower odds of winning. You can view how much CAKE have been deposited and your odds here from the Deposit panel:

Deposit when the Pottery cohort is open

The deposit for each Pottery cohort is open once a month. The deposit closes and locks away the cake on the first Monday of the month at 23:59 UTC and it opens from the Friday before at around 10:00 UTC. This is to combine all the deposits and direct them for the locked staking at once for efficient staking rewards management and allocation. For the rest of the time, you will see this:

– which means the deposit is currently closed until the Friday before the next monthly first Monday. If the deposit is open, you will see this instead:

– In this case, you can deposit your CAKE to participate in the Pottery if the APR, total value locked, and the odds of winning are acceptable to you. Before you deposit, please make sure you fully understand the risks of participating! All deposits will be locked for 10 weeks with no early withdrawal under any circumstances. Please learn more about the risks and fees here.

Viewing your deposit

After you have deposited, you can view your total deposit and deposit by each cohort in the Claim panel:

There might occasionally be some delay because of the Subgraph reading, there will be a signal when there are delays – usually it should show the correct amount if you check again in 15 minutes. Please note that the withdrawal button will light up and be available only after 10 weeks of the lock date.

Viewing the results after each weekly draw

After each draw on Friday at around noon UTC, you can view the results and winners in the Finished Rounds panel:

Based on the drawn date, find the corresponding round for the cohort you would like to check – on each Friday, there could be more than one draw since there are different cohorts, make sure you’re checking the right draw for the cohort you’re looking for. Please read to learn more about the cohort structure here.

Claiming the prize

Another way to check if you have won in any weekly draws is to check in the Claim panel to see if there is any prize to be claimed here:

If there are, you can claim the prize by clicking the Claim button and it will be a transaction for you to approve. Please note that you will have to pay gas fee on BNB Smart Chain to claim the prize.

Withdrawing after 10 weeks

10 weeks after the cohort deposit and lock date, you will be able to withdraw your deposit in the Claim panel, and you will be able to click on the withdrawal button here:

You can withdraw the prize by clicking the Withdraw button and it will be a transaction for you to approve. Please note that you will have to pay gas fee on BNB Smart Chain to withdraw the prize.

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