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What are Web3 Notifications?

Web3 Notifications represent a leap forward in interacting with platforms for the latest news and updates. Integrated seamlessly into PancakeSwap, these notifications bring a host of benefits. Partnering with WalletConnect, we've launched the Notifications (BETA) for our users to access their DeFi news, updates and important actions all in one window. Please note that Web3 Notifications is still in BETA and will undergo further changes and developments in the coming months.

Web3 Notifications Benefits:

  • Stay Updated with Real-Time Alerts: Never miss out on key PancakeSwap events, market trends, product updates, or community news.

  • Prioritize What Matters to You: Selecting topics, products, and categories based on their relevance to you. Tailor your notifications with a variety of filters.

  • Direct and Actionable Links: Respond quickly to crucial updates directly from your notifications, as each notification comes with a direct link.

How to set up Notifications:

  1. Activate with Ease: Visit our homepage. Click the settings icon at the top left of the PancakeSwap menu and select "Allow Notifications".

  1. Connect Wallet: Click the Bell icon on the top right and sign a message in your wallet to authorize notifications.

  1. Customize Your Feed: Tailor your notification settings by selecting the drop-down on the left to match your interests and needs.

  1. Stay Informed: Access all your notifications conveniently from the dropdown menu by clicking the bell icon.

Notification Features

The current list of notifications are supported across all EVM chains and includes:


Liquidity Position

Updates users to move liquidity position if its out of range


Updates users on farm APRs, or if there's a new farm

Wallet Balance

Updates users if they have low gas balance


Updates users on Lottery draw


Updates users to claim prediction reward

Price Alerts

Updates users on major price changes

What's Next?

  • Enhanced Filtering: Fine-tuning notifications so that users receive the right information on time

  • Multi-Platform: Support on Mobile and other platforms, potential cross-protocol functionality, making PancakeSwap the hub for your DeFi Activities

  • More Notifications: Notifications for our other products and governance-related information such as new proposals.

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