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FAQ guide for Pancake Mayor

Welcome to the definitive FAQ guide for Pancake Mayor, the engaging city-building simulation game. Here are the answers to your most pressing questions:

Quick access Pancake Mayor announcement blog: https://blog.pancakeswap.finance/articles/pancakeswap-welcomes-pancake-mayor-to-our-gaming-marketplace

Pancake Mayor game: https://pancakeswap.games/project/binary-x

Q. What is Pancake Mayor?

Pancake Mayor is a city-building simulation game where players use an in-game currency, ‘Mayor Cash’, to build and upgrade their cities. This game offers a unique blend of strategy and fun, with various levels, mini-games, and special events.

Q. How do I earn Mayor Cash?

Mayor Cash is utilized for various game activities, including upgrading cities and participating in different events and challenges within the game. Mayor Cash is earned through gameplay, notably by playing the Spin the Wheel mini-game, participating in special events, tournaments, and other in-game activities. Players can also purchase Mayor Cash with CAKE.

Q: How can I use CAKE in the game?

In Pancake Mayor, players can use CAKE to purchase Mayor Cash, which is the in-game currency. Players also have the option to purchase additional Energy or in-game items using CAKE. In return, CAKE is also one of the crypto rewards when you win in games.

Q: How many cities are there in the game?

There are 50 cities in the game and 5 difficulty levels for each city, which totals up to 250 levels in the game.

Q: How can I progress to higher levels?

Players can use Mayor Cash to upgrade each building in the city. Each city has 5 buildings for players to upgrade and each building has 4 upgrade levels. When all buildings are fully upgraded, the player will unlock the next city.

Q. What is the Spin the Wheel mini-game?

This mini-game enables players to earn additional Mayor Cash and tools to defend their city. Players spin a wheel to match symbols, resulting in different rewards.

Q. Can I run out of energy? How do I restore it?

Yes, each spin in the mini-game costs 1 energy, and you have a maximum of 50 energy. Energy is restored automatically over time, or can be obtained through various in-game methods, including special events, daily log-in rewards, and purchases in the marketplace.

Q. Are there any special events?

Yes! Special events like CAKE blast, raid madness, attack madness, and pineapple rush offer opportunities to earn greater rewards, including CAKE cryptocurrency.

Q. What are championship and team events?

In solo tournaments, players can earn ‘Moon points’ by raiding other cities, exchangeable for rewards. In team events, players join forces in guild raids for collective rewards. Both events offer energy, Mayor Cash, and crypto rewards.

Q: Is there any entry requirement for team events?

There are no requirements, as long as you join any team, you can participate in the event

Q. How do I use or withdraw my crypto rewards?

Crypto rewards can be withdrawn to a connected wallet or used to purchase in-game currency and additional wheel spins.

Q. Is Pancake Mayor free to play?

Yes, the game can be played entirely for free, as energy is automatically restored. However, players have the option to purchase more energy or Mayor Cash.

Q. What are the tokenomics of Pancake Mayor?

All CAKE spent in Pancake Mayor will be distributed as follows:


Percentage (%)


Next season’s initial prize pool


This % of CAKE spent in the current season will be reserved for next season’s initial prize pool

Reward for current season


This % of CAKE spent in the current season will be distributed based on rankings

Spin the Wheel mini-game


CAKE that can be won by users via the mini-game

Protocol earnings (BinaryX)


BinaryX’s revenue for development and ongoing development of the game

Protocol earnings (PCS) + CAKE burn

3% + 3%

PCS’s protocol share + CAKE burn


Crazy Vault


PCS and BinaryX will receive 5% of all spend on the Crazy Vault.

50% of all CAKE received by PCS will be directed to burn

Q: Can I use Pancake Bunnies and Squads in the game? At launch, you can use the NFTs as avatars in the game. There also might be a surprise for the PancakeSwap NFT community in our future updates! Stay tuned!

Q. Who is BinaryX?

BinaryX is the developer behind Pancake Mayor. They are a GameFi and IGO platform known for integrating blockchain technology into gaming experiences.

Q. How can I start playing Pancake Mayor?

You can begin your adventure by visiting the official game site at https://pancakeswap.games/project/binary-x

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