Aptos FAQ

This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the PancakeSwap community about our Aptos Deployment.

How to bridge from BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to Aptos?

Check out our bridging guide for various bridging solutions.

Which wallet I can use for Aptos Chain?

Check out our wallet guide to download and set up your wallet for Aptos.

Showing "Price Impact Too High" when swapping coins

This is likely due to bad network connections to blockchain nodes. Refresh the page, and check your network connection.
If the error persists, it means the pair of coins you are trying to swap has insufficient liquidity for the amount you are trying to swap. The liquidity for major coins will slowly and steadily be improved over time, and the liquidity issue will likely be solved when our Aptos Farms are deployed. (SOON!)

I couldn't find the coin I wanted to swap

The default list on Aptos Swap only shows coins from well-known projects with a sufficient amount of liquidity.
If you want to swap other coins that are not on the default list, import them using their coin address.

Why I can’t trade CAKE on Aptos Swap?

updated on 2022-11-08
CAKE token/coin has not yet been deployed on Aptos yet. Stay tuned for more news, or Swap'em on our BSC Swap.

Do I need to stake CAKE on Aptos to participate in Aptos IFOs?

PancakeSwap IFO has not yet been deployed on Aptos. (SOON!) Keep staking your CAKE, and stay tuned for more news.