CAKE Tokenomics

Emission rate

Per block


Emission/block (CAKE)

Emission/day (CAKE)







Effective Emission



*Effective Emission is in fact slightly below this amount: an additional 45,000 CAKE per day is diverted from the amount allocated to the lottery, and burned (PID 137 - Details below).

In addition to the above, a dynamic amount of CAKE is also minted to the Dev address at a rate of 9.09%. This means that if 100 CAKE are harvested, then 9.09 CAKE is minted in addition and sent to the Dev Address.

However, all CAKE minted to the Dev address is burned in the weekly burn and never enters circulation. As such, we have not included it in the above emission rate.


Distributed to

Reward/block (% of emission)

Reward/block (total CAKE)


Farms and Lottery



144,000 (approx)

of which diverted and burned


Syrup Pools



288,000 (approx)

Total Daily CAKE Emission

386,000 (approx)

Other Deflationary Mechanics

At present, CAKE is also burned in the following ways:

  • 0.05% of every trade made on PancakeSwap V2

  • 100% of CAKE sent to the Dev address

  • 100% of CAKE raised in IFOs

  • 100% of CAKE spent on Profile Creation and NFT minting

  • 100% of CAKE bid during Farm Auctions

  • 20% of CAKE spent on lottery tickets

  • 45,000 CAKE per day (historically assigned to the lottery) (The CAKE for this is generated by a farm - PID 137)

  • 3% of every Prediction markets round is used to buy CAKE for burning

  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto CAKE Pool

The burning process is currently manual. View burn transactions here.

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