DevOps Engineer

General information

  • Salary range: Competitive, negotiable

  • Position: Full-time

  • Location: Remote

  • Time-zone preference: Any

Your Responsibilities

  • Take care of our existing cloud infrastructure.

  • Investigate and resolve technical issues.

  • Plan and develop new cloud-based services.

  • Write extensive documentation.

Skills & Qualification

  • Good understanding of Go, NodeJS or Python.

  • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS/GCP/Azure).

  • Experience configuring and maintaining databases (MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Redis).

  • Good understanding of Docker, Kubernetes and adjacent technologies.

  • Ability to evaluate scaling issues and take action.

  • Solid experience with GraphQL.

  • Experience with testing tools.

  • Experience with Web3, Smart Contracts, Nodes and other crypto technologies.

How to apply

Email with your resume!

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