How to use the new bCAKE

veCAKE Staking and Farming Boost

Like iCAKE and vCAKE, bCAKE is a veCAKE staking benefit designed for our loyal CAKE holders. By locking CAKE, you get veCAKE, which automatically gives you bCAKE. You can boost earning from selected farms up to 2.5x.

The boost multiplier is calculated based on your veCAKE balance, and how much liquidity in the farm you are trying to boost.


Initiate a fixed-term veCAKE staking position

If you haven't locked any CAKE in the veCAKE pool, click "Go to Pool" and follow the instructions to initiate a fixed-term staking position.

To learn more about how to initiate a veCAKE staking position, read here.

Locate the farm and the position you want to boost

You can only boost your earning from farms with bCAKE enabled. To look for those farms, check the APR section and look for a green APR figure with a green rocket icon.

Alternatively, use the “Booster Available” filter within the “Farm Types” selector to quickly filter all the bCAKE-enabled farms.

Stake your position

In order to activate bCAKE, your position must be staking in the farm.

  • For V3: stake your LP position by clicking “Stake”.

  • For V2 and StableSwap: stake your LP token by clicking “Add LP”.

  • For Position Managers: add liquidity by clicking “Add Liquidity”.

To learn more about yield farming, check out this tutorial.

Activate bCAKE

bCAKE activation is now fully automatic.

Once staked, you should see the applied boost multiplier for the farm you are currently staking. To learn more about how the bCAKE multiplier is calculated, read here.

Please note that any user actions to the farming position or veCAKE staking will automatically update your boost multiplier based on the latest data and statistics from farms and the CAKE staking pool.

Learn more here.

There is no longer a limit to the number of farming positions that are able to boost simultaneously. As long as the veCAKE staking position is active, you may boost an unlimited number of farms, and position managers position.

Unset bCAKE

bCAKE unset is now also fully automatic.

To unset bCAKE boost, simply remove your liquidity.

  • For V3: unstake your LP position by clicking “Unstake”.

  • For V2 and StableSwap: unstake your LP token by clicking the “-” minus button.

  • For Position Managers: remove liquidity by clicking the “-” minus button.

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