How are the bCAKE multipliers calculated?

You may notice that you get different bCAKE boost multipliers when staking in different farms.

That's because bCAKE - Farm Boosters multipliers are calculated using the following metrics upon activation or refresh:

  • userLpBalanceInFarm : The amount of liquidity you are staking in the farm.

    • NonfungiblePositionManager.positions(uint256 tokenId).liquidity

  • totalLpBalanceInFarm : The total amount of liquidity staking in the farm or the current active amount of liquidity in the V3 LP pool. bCAKE will choose the smaller number between the two.

    • MasterChefV3.poolInfo(uint256 pid).totalLiquidity

    • PancakeV3Pool.liquidity

  • veCAKE.balanceOf(user) : The real-time number of veCAKE you have

  • veCAKE.totalSupply : The real-time total supply of veCAKE

The multiplier is calculated using the following method:

  1. resultA = constantA * userLpBalanceInFarm

  2. resultB = totalLpBalanceInFarm * veCAKE.balanceOf(user) / veCAKE.totalSupply * constantB

  3. boostMultiplier = min(userLpBalanceInFarm, (resultA + resultB)) / resultA

constantA and constantB are set by the kitchen and subject to future adjustments based on community feedback and market conditions. constantB varies between different farms to compensate for the LP price differences.

constantA and constantB can be fethced via:

  • FarmBooster.cA

  • FarmBooster.cBOverride(uint256 pid) > 0 ? FarmBooster.cBOverride(uint256 pid) : FarmBooster.cB



The more LP (liquidity) you want to boost

The more CAKE you need to lock for longer durations

Why do my multipliers change even after activation?

Please note that any user actions to the farming position or CAKE staking pool will automatically update your boost multiplier based on the latest data and statistics from farms and the CAKE staking pool, including but not limited to:

  • Stake/Unstake position to/from the farm

  • Harvest CAKE rewards from farm

  • Extend your CAKE staking duration

  • Add more CAKE into your fixed-term staking position

  • Convert your CAKE staking position to flexible

Please note:

To ensure fairness and prevent potential abuse and cheating using out-of-date data. Farm booster is designed to be permissionless and community governance. Therefore, anyone can call updateLiquidity(address _tokenId) function on the MasterChef V3 contract to refresh anyone's boost multipliers using the latest data.

On top of that, the kitchen will also monitor all bCAKE-enabled farming positions and will refresh any position with an out-of-date multiplier.

Why I'm not able to boost a position

  1. Due to multiple contracts' involvement, some contract interactions require slightly more gas tokens (BNB). So please make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet. If the error persists, try manually increase the gas limit of the transaction.

What is the maximum bCAKE Boost Multiplier I can get?

Currently, the maximum boost a user can get for a farm booster is 2.5x, which offers them 2.5x the original APRs.

Please note that the maximum boost you can get varies between types of liquidity you are trying to stake:

  • V3: 2x max

  • V2, StableSwap: 2.5x max

  • Position Managers: 2.5x max

How can I increase my bCAKE Boost Multipliers?

  • Add more CAKE into the veCAKE staking position

  • Extend or renew the duration of your veCAKE staking position

Simply put:

Stake more CAKE, stake for longer

Learn more about how the bCAKE boost multipliers are calculated.

Where are the extra boosted CAKE rewards coming from?

Relax, no extra emissions are allocated in order to make bCAKE possible.

Similar to veCAKE CAKE staking. bCAKE boosts individual users' share against others.

Even though the baseline APR may drop after the deployment of bCAKE. Chefs believe it is a good tradeoff as it benefits loyal CAKE lovers by boosting their farming yield, creates more demand for CAKE, and serves as a great incentive for CAKE staking.

Why the multiplier I receive is low?

bCAKE - farm booster works in a way by evaluating both your veCAKE staking position and your liquidity farming position against other users. Simply put:

If users want to boost more liquidity in the farm, they must lock more CAKE for longer durations in the pool.

This design ensures the benefits are not only offered to large holders, but to any user who has a sizable CAKE staking position when compared to the farming position.

Learn more about how the multiplier is calculated here.

Why are there only x number of farms that are booster-available?

Since bCAKE involves updating one of PancakeSwap's core products, which is liquidity farming. Chefs want to take a slower and more steady approach to the launch.

Therefore, in the initial product release phase. Many of the parameters are very conservative. Including the number of farms users can boost, which farm users can boost, as well as the difficulty parameter in receiving the boost multiplier.

Chefs will adjust the parameters based on the community feedback.

Is bCAKE V3 audited?

bCAKE has been audited by both internal and external auditors.

Check out audit reports here: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/readme/audits

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