Migrate from CAKE Pool

If you currently have an active fixed-term CAKE staking position, you can migrate it to veCAKE to unlock all the benefits of the new veCAKE instantly.

  • Migration is one-way, one-time, with all the CAKE currently in the CAKE pool position (including rewards). Partial delegation is not available.

  • Migration can only be performed on an active position with more than 7 days in remaining lock time.

  • You can NOT extend or add more CAKE to a migrated position. However, you can create a new veCAKE position by locking CAKE. Then, perform add CAKE or extend position on the native veCAKE staking position.

Go to the CAKE staking page

Navigate to https://pancakeswap.finance/cake-staking?chain=bsc and connect your wallet. Please note that veCAKE staking is only available on the BNB Chain.

If you have an active, fixed-term CAKE staking position in the CAKE pool, you should see the option to migrate.

Simply click the button, and confirm the transaction in the wallet pop-up.

Create a native position after migration

Once migrated, you should see your veCAKE balance, the number of CAKE locked, and the unlock time being updated on the left. They should be aligned with your current CAKE pool position.

However, the migrated position can not be updated. If you want to get more veCAKE, create a new native veCAKE staking position on the right by locking extra CAKE.

After creating a native position, you can start extending its lock duration, as well as adding more CAKE, using the pannel on the right.

Check the breakdown of the number of CAKE and unlock time

Once you have both migrated and native veCAKE staking positions, your veCAKE balance will be a combined number of the two. To check more details and the breakdown, simply tap/hover on the veCAKE, locked amount and unlock time.

Alternatively, you may click “View CAKE Pool Position” to go to CAKE pool for more details.

Withdraw CAKE from CAKE staking pool

The migrated position will unlock according to its original end time. Upon unlock, go to the Pools page and, withdraw the staked CAKE; add them into veCAKE staking to boost your veCAKE balance as well as other juicy benefits.

Please note that after burning is still effective, to avoid rewards being burned, withdraw CAKE and add them to veCAKE as soon as possible when the migration position unlocks.

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