Bridge your veCAKE

To enjoy the benefits of veCAKE such as bCAKE (Farm yield boosting) and iCAKE (IFO public sales allocation) on other chains. You need to perform a simple bridging request on BNB Chain to sync your veCAKE balance and PancakeProfile to other chains.

How to bridge?

Go to CAKE Staking page and locate the veCAKE Sync card under the veCAKE benefits. Click “View Details” to open the sync modal.

In the modal. You can view the number of veCAKE you have on BNB Chain. As well as the list of destination chains, you may bridge your veCAKE and Pancake Profile to your veCAKE and Pancake Profile status on each of the chains.

To sync, select the chain, and click “Sync”, then confirm in your wallet popup.

It may take up to 20 mins to complete the bridging. You may check the bridging progress in the sync modal.


  • You can only bridge one chain at a time. To sync your veCAKE to multiple chains, repeat the above process.

  • BNB will be charged upon the bridging request to cover the gas cost on the destination chain. The amount of BNB depends on the destination chain. Chains like the Ethereum mainnet will be significantly more expensive to sync due to the high gas cost.

  • To avoid unnecessary gas spent. Sync your veCAKE only to the chain where you want to enjoy the benefits.

  • After adding more CAKE or extending your veCAKE staking position, repeat the above process to update the veCAKE balance on the destination chains to ensure your benefits are up-to-date.


Q: How often do I need to sync my veCAKE and Pancake Profile?

A: For veCAKE, you only need to sync whenever you add more CAKE, extend the lock duration or perform a relock. Your veCAKE balance on destination chains will linearly decrease along with the balance on the BNB Chain.

For Pancake Profile and its NFT. You will need to perform two syncs to participate in the Private Sales. The first one should be performed when the IFO is published and becomes viewable on UI. Another one should be performed after the IFO sale ends to enable claiming.

Q: How long does the bridging take?

Depending on the destination chains. It usually takes around 2-5 mins to bridge and fully sync. For some slower chains, it could take up to 30 mins. To track your bridging request, check the sync modal for the LayerZero explorer link. Or head to and search via the BNB Chain tx id.

Q: Why the bridging tx on BNB Chain is failing?


  • It could be because the gas estimation for the destination chain is out of date. Please refresh the page and retry.

  • Please also ensure there are sufficient amounts of BNB in the wallet to settle the gas fee required on the destination chain.

Q: Why my veCAKE or Pancake Profile is not bridged?


  • veCAKE position with less than 1 day in the remaining lock time will not be bridged. Please first extend the lock and retry the sync.

  • The sync could take up to 30 minutes to complete. Please head to and search via the BNB Chain tx ID to confirm that the bridging status is “Delivered.”

  • If the bridging status is “Failed” or “Blocked”. Please contact one of our ambassadors via the public channel for more details.

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