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veCAKE stands for vote-escrowed CAKE. veCAKE tokens serve a crucial role in PancakeSwap's governance, enabling you to actively participate in PancakeSwap’s governance proposals and Gauges Voting system. This allows you to vote on broader governance proposals and influence the allocation of CAKE emissions within liquidity pools.

Gauges Voting empowers veCAKE holders to shape the distribution of CAKE emissions across essential products like Farms on BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Arbitrum at launch. By leveraging veCAKE, users directly influence how CAKE emissions are allocated within each pool, impacting specific liquidity pools and projects. The more veCAKE a pool accumulates through Gauges Voting, the higher the CAKE emissions allocated, leading to increased rewards for liquidity providers (LPs) during subsequent 14-day epochs.

Lock CAKE for any durations from 1 week to 4 years to get veCAKE. Your veCAKE amount is based on the number of your locked CAKE and the duration you locked them for.

What is veCAKE?

Here are the guides for how to get veCAKE, either by creating a new position, or migrating from the CAKE staking pool:

How to get veCAKE?Migrate from CAKE Pool

Learn more about our veCAKE ecosystem partners (veCAKE Managers) here:

veCAKE Managers

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