Dumb Mode


Dumb Mode on PancakeSwap Perpetuals offers a simplified trading experience, ideal for traders who prefer to trade on the minute-by-minute fluctuations of an underlying asset’s value. Dumb Mode simplifies trading by reducing the noise, allowing users to enter and exit short-term positions easily.

How It Works

Users are given a selection of 60-second, 5-minute or 10-minute expiration windows with different return-on-investment ratios. Users can choose to long or short an underlying asset.

At the end of the expiration period, if the underlying asset is in a winning position (price greater than open price for long, price lower than open price for short), users will stand to profit.

Each expiration period has a different return-on-investment (ROI). The longer the expiration period, the higher the ROI. Percentages and fees are as follows:

*Winning ROI may be adjusted occasionally depending on market conditions. Please check this page for any updates

For example, in the following scenario:

  • Position Selected: Long

  • Collateral Placed: 100 USDT

  • Expiration Period: 60 seconds

  • BTCUSD price at open: $50,000

  • BTCUSD price after 60s: $50,001

User will profit 100USDT * 75%= 75USDT

For more information on how to open a Dumb Mode position, click here.

Markets and Margin Assets

Dumb Mode supports trading in the following markets and margin assets on BNB Chain:

Dumb Mode supports trading in the following markets and margin assets on Arbitrum, opBNB and Base Chains:

Support for more assets/chains is in development.


A fee of 6% of the principal or collateral is charged in case of a winning trade. This is already calculated before ROI.

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