Perpetual Trading V2

What's new in V2?

In Pancakeswap Perpetuals V2, we've streamlined our interface by removing the order book and market depth displays. Instead, our partners ApolloX have introduced the ALP pool, which now provides liquidity for all trading pairs, maximizing your capital usage. The ALP pool will actively participate in the market-making process for our V2 perpetual contracts. Please visit this page to read more on the V2 low latency oracle model.

The new mechanism will bring added benefits to Pancakeswap Perpetual Users:

Enhanced Security

By tapping into both Binance Oracle and Chainlink price feeds, we dodge any unexpected price behaviours due to manipulation or scarce liquidity from either Oracle source. This savvy move keeps those surprise liquidations at bay.

Self-Custody Freedom

No more tedious deposits and withdrawals to trade with Pancakeswap Perpertuals V2. Users will trade fully on-chain, and no deposit and withdrawal requirements exist. Users can be assured that no protocol can manage, increase or reduce trading positions outside of a liquidation event.

Higher Liquidity

Trading pairs on the platform share liquidity via the ALP pool. Hence, adding liquidity for each newly listed trading pair is not required separately. Capital efficiency is maximized and users can open bigger position sizes.

More Pairs

With Perpetuals V2 consolidating liquidity for all trading pairs into one pool, users can expect more trading pairs from potentially different asset classes moving forward. At launch, V2 will support BTCUSD, ETHUSD and BNBUSD pairs for cryptocurrencies and Forex pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. More pairs will be rollout in the coming months.

PancakeSwap Perpetuals V2 is now available on Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, opBNB Chain and Base Chain.

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