🖥️PancakeSwap Private RPC

Protect your trades with bloXroute <> PancakeSwap Private RPC!

Are you worried about your trades being frontrun by MEV bots onchain? Worry no more - use PancakeSwap’s private RPC to protect your trades.

Available on both Ethereum and BNB Chain.

What the Private RPC does

In partnership with bloXroute, we are allowing users to utilize a private channel for submitting their onchain trades. This means that when you execute a trade on PCS, your transactions are not publicly available in the mempool, and therefore bots/MEV searchers will not be able to see your trade before it has been confirmed on the blockchain.

This means that there is no opportunity for onchain bots to frontrun your trades.

Privacy = good, how do I use the RPC?

Below instructions are for Ethereum and BNB Chain only, as we only support private RPCs on these chains.

1. Open Metamask and click on "Settings"

2. Click on "Networks", and then click on "Add Network" on the Networks menu.

3. Select "Custom Networks"

4. Add custom PancakeSwap Private RPC to your Metamask

Network Name


Chain ID



BNB MEV Protect PancakeSwap x bloXroute

BNB Chain




ETH MEV Protect PancakeSwap x bloXroute





5. Switch to using this RPC in your Metamask

6. Transact as per normal

Why use PancakeSwap x bloXroute MEV Protect RPCs?

High Protection Rate

PancakeSwap x bloXroute MEV Protect RPCs can effectively prevent frontrunning and sandwich attacks at a very high success rate: 100% on Ethereum | ~85% on BNB Chain

Covers Most Frequently Used Chains

BNB Chain and Ethereum together account for over 80% of the total DeFi volume. PancakeSwap x bloXroute MEV Protect RPCs cover both chains.

Fast & Reliable Transaction

Transactions sent to PancakeSwap x bloXroute MEV Protect RPCs are processed and propagated by bloXroute's industry-leading low latency DeFi infrastructure, the Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN). That means fast and reliable transactions for users under a wide range of blockchain network statuses:

  • On Ethereum, you can expect >80% of the transactions to land on the next block and >95% land on the first or second blocks

  • Land transactions on-chain faster during network congestion leveraging bloXroute’s BDN

Free & Your Privacy is Protected

Yes, it's a free service from PancakeSwap. No, we don't plan to charge fees to use this service in the future. And we do not collect user information like IP or other personal data.

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