🌐PancakeSwap Mini-Program

The PancakeSwap Mini-Program in the Binance application is a collaboration with Binance. The Kitchen aims to provide a seamless experience for Binance’s centralized exchange users to experience the revolution of DeFi and our decentralized exchange platform.

What is a Binance Mini-Program?

The PancakeSwap Mini Program is directly accessible from the Binance mobile application for Binance users to try, experience and fall in love with our decentralized platform. Together with the Binance DeFi Wallet, users can create a wallet, transfer funds and use PancakeSwap — all within the Binance mobile application!

Why is this important for PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is the first DeFi project to launch a Mini-Program together with and utilizing the Binance DeFi Wallet. After PancakeSwap, other projects like Venus have also developed their Mini-Program, developing the Mini-Program ecosystem and attracting more Binance users to experience DeFi – gradually growing the ecosystem, especially on BNB Smart Chain.

PancakeSwap is currently the most popular decentralized platform (in terms of number of users) but the Kitchen is always looking for more ways to invite new users to our platform. With more users and their funds, we are able to further improve our core DeFi trading experience with deep liquidity of a wide set of assets. We will also be able to scale our other products beloved by our community.

Future Development

Since the first version launched in March 2022, the Kitchen has worked tirelessly with the Binance Mini-Program team to add more features, enhance the performance and user experience of it continuously. As the first large-scale Mini-Program, the team at Binance is also discovering some new infrastructure and performance issues together with us, thus upgrading their architecture.

Before adding more features, we are focused on improving the overall performance and user experience of the Mini-Program. As well, we are working with Binance to gradually add more entrances to the Mini-Program so it can be more easily discovered by Binance users – such as within search or earn functions in the application.

This partnership will also bring enhanced access and diversity of offerings unavailable up to this point. An example, easily envisaged, are BEP-20 assets that are not listed on Binance CEX, but will still be available to users within the Binance app with a quick search and jump to the PancakeSwap Mini Program. Imagine the value and users this will bring!

Check out how to use the PancakeSwap Mini-Program and the FAQ!

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