Introduction to WBETH

Wrapped Beacon Ethereum (WBETH) is a liquid staking derivative token representing staked ETH and its rewards. It’s a wrapped version of BETH, where 1WBETH represents 1 BETH, and is created by Binance Earn that allows users to participate in ETH staking rewards from the Ethereum network. Wrapped tokens are a way to use cryptocurrencies on blockchains other than the blockchain they were originally built on while being backed by their underlying asset. WBETH also represents the staking rewards accrued by BETH token on ETH Staking after 2023-04-27 08:00 (UTC). For BETH holders, further support to convert BETH to WBETH at a 1:1 fixed rate will be available in the coming weeks. To learn more about WBETH, please visit the following link.

To learn more about Binance ETH Staking, visit the following link.

To understand more about ETH Staking terms and conditions, visit the following link.

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