💧Liquid Staking Integration

PancakeSwap has partnered with Binance Earn to offer the liquid staking integration for WBETH (Wrapped Beacon Ethereum) token. This allows PancakeSwap users to convert and swap ETH to WBETH easily on the Ethereum Network and BNB Chain

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking is a method that enables users to stake while still being able to use or trade their assets through a representative token. This provides flexibility and access to the funds for other uses while still earning staking rewards. Since the Ethereum network has finished the Merge (i.e. the consensus mechanism of ETH has been upgraded to Proof of Stake), liquid staking offers users the option to stake their ETH to earn rewards. And, unlike traditional staking methods, users can still use and have the liquidity to their ETH while it is being staked. The WBETH token solves this problem.

The can be traded, used in DeFi applications, or held while the original ETH tokens are staked. Liquid staking thus provides flexibility and allows token holders to utilize their staked tokens in multiple ways without having to unstake and potentially lose out on staking rewards. Click here to find out more on Ethereum Proof of Stake.

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