🥞Syrup Pools and Farms

For more information about our liquidity mining programs (“Syrup Pools and Farms”), please view this PDF:

Example of a Syrup Pool and Farm process

  1. Initial Outreach

    • We have a lovely chat (where we can share data, user stats, and memes) and your team decides to start the application process – let’s go!

    • Apply via our form here - (Average time to fill up form: ≤8 minutes)

  2. Due Diligence

    • Using the information in the form, we would clarify some points

    • The team passes due diligence – congrats!

  3. Marketing Prep

    • We ask for some design assets, some project info, and create a lovely banner (RDNT example below) and a vote proposal (only for BNB Chain)

    • Please note that prior to launch, PancakeSwap or Project Teams should not communicate the news of the collaboration.

  4. Launch

    • We launch the Syrup Pool/Farm (once the vote proposal passes), and through our team of community admins, we will monitor, collate, and communicate any feedback raised by the community.

    • We will also publish some socials on our Twitter and Telegram

  5. Post-Launch

    • We will continue to stay in touch, and work together whenever possible!

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