Get Aptos Coins

This guide covers major Aptos bridging services for mainstream tokens. To Bridge CAKE between Aptos and BNB Smart chain, use PancakeSwap Aptos Bridge.

The native token of Aptos Chain is Aptos Coin (APT).

To do most things on Aptos Chain, you will need to pay gas, which comes in the form of APT.

You will also need the tokens you want to trade or stake on Aptos Chain. There are a few ways to bring your assets to Aptos Chain, but here are the ones we recommend:

Aptos Bridge - LayerZero

  • The Aptos Bridge allows you to bridge mainstream tokens and stablecoins to Aptos

  • Supports "gas on destination" - receive a tiny amount of Aptos Coin (APT) for gas to kickstart your Aptos chain adventure

  • ⚠️ Note: for now assets are wrapped when bridged. (marked as "LayerZero") Before bridging your tokens, be sure to double-check the token list to see which wrapped version of the tokens you are trading.

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