How do I bridge assets to Aptos and provide liquidity?

Please check out the guide for how to Get Aptos Coins.

How do I bridge the earned CAKE back to BNB Smart Chain?

Please check out the CAKE Bridging Guide.

If you are trying to bridge other assets, please check out the guide for Get Aptos Coin. You will find various bridging solutions work both ways for many popular assets.

Will there be more pairs?

Yes, but we will be deploying in steps to ensure we prioritize the safety of user funds and CAKE inflation. Do let us know in the community chats what you think should be added to PancakeSwap on Aptos.

If you are a project building on Aptos looking to incentivize the liquidity of your token, check out this guide and get in touch with us!

Why there isn't an "Enable" button?

On Aptos, coins don't have to be enabled/approved for spending. So there is no need to enable contract spending on farms. Simply click the "deposit" button to start farming.

Do I earn CAKE on natively Aptos?

Yes, unlike crosschain farming, you will earn CAKE rewards natively on Aptos.

With our multichain expansion and deployment on Aptos. CAKE is now a multichain token that exists both on BNB Smart Chain and Aptos.

CAKE on Aptos is equal to CAKE on BNB Smart Chain and can always be bridged between two chains with a 1:1 ratio.

Please note that there is only one CAKE. There are no different versions of CAKE between different chains. And the total supply of CAKE across all blockchains will be capped at 750M, according to our v2 tokenomic litepaper.

To bridge your CAKE to BNB Smart Chain, check out the CAKE bridging guide.

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