Crosschain Farming

Receive the same juicy CAKE rewards by farming on other blockchains

With the multichain deployment, PancakeSwap is now bringing the iconic yield farming experience from PancakeSwap farms to users on other blockchains. Yield Farms allow users to earn CAKE while supporting PancakeSwap by staking LP Tokens.

Check out the main section to learn more about yield farming.

Check out our How to Use Farms guide to get started with farming.

Yield farming can give better rewards than Syrup Pools, but it comes with a risk of Impermanent Loss. It’s not as scary as it sounds, but it is worth learning about the concept before you get started.

Check out this great article about Impermanent Loss from Binance Academy to learn more.

PancakeSwap Crosschain farming is powered by the cross-chain messaging service provided by Celer Network. To learn more, visit:

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