How to use bCAKE?

Similar to iCAKE and vCAKE, bCAKE is also a benefit designed for users who lock their CAKE in the fixed-term CAKE staking pool. The boost multiplier is calculated based on how much CAKE you stake, how long you are staking them for, as well as how many LP tokens you are staking in the farm that you want to boost.


Initiate a fixed-term CAKE staking position

If you haven't locked any CAKE in the CAKE staking pool, click "Go to Pool" and follow the instructions to initiate a fixed-term staking position.

To learn more about how to do fixed-term CAKE staking, read here.

Enable farm boosters

To enable farm boosters, you must complete a one-time setup process. To proceed, simply click "Enable" and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

Migrate your stakings

If you are not currently staking in the farm you want to activate bCAKE, you can skip this step and start by staking LP tokens in the farm.

If you have been staking in the farm you want to activate the farm booster, a one-time staking migration is also required.

Click "Migrate" and follow the step-by-step guide to complete the migrations. Your CAKE rewards will be automatically harvested and sent to your wallet.

Activate Boosters

Once ready, you should see the available boost multiplier and the boosted APR for the farm you are currently staking. To learn more about how the bCAKE multiplier is calculated, read here.

To activate the boost, click the "Boost" button, and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

Please note that any user actions to the farms or CAKE staking pool will automatically update your boost multiplier based on the latest data and statistics from farms and the CAKE staking pool.

Learn more here.

There is a limit to the number of farms that are able to boost simultaneously. To check the number of remaining boosters, refer to the panel on top.

You will need to unset an active booster in order to activate boosters on other farms.

Unset Boosters

To unset a farm booster, simply click the "Unset" button, and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

Please note upon unsetting, CAKE earned will be harvested to the farm booster contract and will be automatically sent to your wallet upon the next harvest, deposit or withdrawal. Learn more here.

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