How to get veCAKE?

Just like the fixed-term CAKE staking pool, to enjoy the benefits from veCAKE, simply lock CAKE for a period of time.

Go to the CAKE staking page

Navigate to and connect your wallet. Please note that veCAKE staking is only available on BNB Chain.

Choose the lock amount and duration

On the left, you may input the amount of CAKE you wish to lock.

On the right, you may choose the duration for which to lock your CAKE. The minimum lock duration is 1 week, and the maximum lock duration is now extended to 4 years.

To quickly select the duration for locking, use the quick action buttons to choose between: 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and 4 years.

Approve CAKE spend and start locking

Once confirmed, click “Lock CAKE” to proceed. A loading modal will appear. And your wallet should prompt you to confirm CAKE spending. Confirm the transaction in the wallet to continue.

After the CAKE spend approval transaction is executed. Another wallet pop-up should appear. Confirm that transaction to lock CAKE and get veCAKE.

Well done

Once confirmed, you should see your veCAKE staking position details on the left, with the amount of CAKE locked and the unlock time. And most importantly - your veCAKE number.

Scroll down to check on all the veCAKE benefits.

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