Top Traders Campaign

How to participate in the trading reward program for top traders

Check for an ongoing campaign

Like “Trading Competition”, the trading reward program is hosted in individual campaigns. When there is an ongoing top traders campaign, you can accumulate a % of the trading fee as a reward by trading eligible trading pairs. And when the campaign is finished, and you are ranked high enough amount all the traders, you will win those rewards.

To check if there is an ongoing campaign. You can:

Start trading

Now you can earn CAKE by trading certain PancakeSwap V3 pairs on BNB Chain and Ethereum!

Each campaign may have different eligible pairs. To check which pairs are eligible, you can:

  • Check the “Reward Breakdown” section of the Trading Reward page

  • Look for the 💝 icon from the “Hot Token” list on the Swap page. Or use the filter to check pairs with trading rewards.

Check the number of rewards you potentially can win

You may check the number of rewards you have accumulated on the Trading Reward page.

Additionally, you may check the “Rewards Breakdown” section for a detailed view of each pair you traded.

For the campaign details, such as rebate percentages, end time or # of ranks to win, check the “Current Reward Pool” section.

Check your rank

To win a campaign and be able to claim all your accumulated rewards, you need to rank yourself higher than a certain ranking and maintain it until the end of the campaign.

To check your rank and see if you are currently qualified, go to the Trading Reward page.

If you are not ranked high enough, a popup will inform you of the minimum rank to win this campaign and the end time for the current campaign.

Keep trading to rank higher. And don’t forget to check back often to maintain your rank till the end of the campaign.

Claim your rewards

When a campaign is finished, you may need to wait up to 72 hours while data is being tallied and rewards are being injected.

The “Claim All” button will light up when rewards are available for claiming. Simply click and claim your rewards.

Please claim your rewards in time before they expire.

All rewards are claimed on BNB Chain, if you have been trading on Ethereum or other chains, please switch your network to BNB Chain for claiming

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