CAKE Stakers Campaign

How to participate in the trading reward program for CAKE Stakers

CAKE Stakers campaign is now veCAKE Stakers campaign. Instead of fixed-term staking pool, users now may join the campaign by locking CAKE in the brand new veCAKE staking pool.

Check for an ongoing campaign

Like “Trading Competition”, the trading reward program is hosted in individual campaigns. When there is an ongoing campaign, eligible users can earn rewards by trading specific PancakeSwap V3 trading pairs.

To check if there is an ongoing campaign. You can:

  • Check on the Trading Reward page directly

  • Check the PancakeSwap homepage for the event banner

  • Look for the 💝 icon from the “Hot Token” list on the Swap page. Or use the filter to check pairs with trading rewards.

  • Check out our social media channels.

Check if your address is eligible

To participate in a trading reward campaign. Your address must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an active Pancake Profile

  • Must have an active CAKE staking position

  • The number of veCAKE balance at snapshot time is higher than the required threshold (check here for more info about "veCAKE balance at snapshot time")

The easiest way to check if your address is eligible is to visit the Trading Reward page and connect your wallet. The page will guide you through the process to make your address eligible to earn CAKE from trades.

For example, you will be presented with the above screen if you do not have an active veCAKE staking position, or your veCAKE balance at snapshot time is 0. Simply follow the guide to start locking CAKE.

But please note that veCAKE is decreasing with time, therefore in order to ensure the amount of veCAKE at snapshot time meets the threshold, please follow the guidance with the preview of the snapshot amount.

While a campaign is active, you can start locking CAKE and join the campaign at any time. Trading rewards will be counted from the beginning of the campaign; how good is that?

Start trading

Now you can earn CAKE by trading certain PancakeSwap V3 pairs on eligible chains.

Each campaign may have different eligible pairs. To check which pairs are eligible, you can:

Check the number of your rewards

You may check the following numbers on the Trading Reward page:

  • Number of CAKE rewards earned

  • The maximum amount of CAKE you can earn from the campaign - determined by the amount of your veCAKE at snapshot time (only visible when you are exceeding the limit)

  • Your trading volume across all the eligible pairs

Additionally, you may check the “Rewards Breakdown” section for a detailed view of each pair you traded

Claim your rewards

When a campaign is finished, you may need to wait up to 72 hours while data is being tallied and rewards are being injected.

The “Claim All” button will light up when rewards are available for claiming. Simply click and claim your rewards.

Please claim your rewards in time before they expire.

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