Trading Reward FAQ


Why my traded volume was not tracked?

  • Volume numbers take time to update and are subject to SubGraph delays. Please check back in a later time
  • Your trade must be routed through the exact trading pair being highlighted on the Trading Reward page, including the fee tier. Check out this tutorial for how to view your trading routes
  • Only V3 trading pairs are eligible for this program
  • Please use the same wallet address eligible for the trading reward program on both Ethereum and BNB Chain
  • If your trading volume within a pair is too small, you may not be eligible to claim any rewards
  • Using third-party trading aggregators may result in trades being routed through other liquidity providers and not being tracked

Why I traded a lot but only received a very small amount of rewards

The amount of the trading reward is based on the trading fee paid in those trades.
If your trades are routed through pairs with a low fee tier, for example, 0.01%, you are paying a very small fee for your trade. Therefore the number of rewards will become lower accordingly.

Top Traders Campaign

Do I need to stay within the required ranking for the whole time to win the campaign?

No, you only need to be ranked higher than the required ranking at the end of the campaign. But it is recommended to rank higher and maintain the rank. And make sure to check back often to ensure you are not falling out of the required ranking.

What number the ranking is based on?

The ranking is based on the number of rewards each user accumulates by trading. The reward amount equals a fixed % of the trading they pay in the trades.

CAKE Stakers Campaign

My address was eligible for the previous campaign. Why is it not eligible for the latest one?

Each campaign has its own eligibility requirements, like the unlock time of the CAKE staking position.
You may need to extend your staking position. Simply follow the instructions on the page.

Why is it telling me I have additional rewards that can not be claimed?

The amount of CAKE locked in the position will determine the maximum amount of rewards you can earn from the campaign. Check out the footnote from the “Max Reward Cap” section.
While a campaign is active, you can add more CAKE to the lock and raise this cap at any time.