Terms & Conditions

1. Simple Staking

1.1 For Simple Staking:

1.1.1 Simple Staking Rewards: start accruing at the Simple Staking Rewards Rate from the day after staking. Simple Staking Rewards will accrue from day to day and will be calculated on the basis of the number of days elapsed and a 365-day year. You do not earn any Simple Staking Rewards for the first day; are provided in the same digital currency as your Simple Staking tokens, unless otherwise stated; will be calculated by reference to the Simple Staking Rewards Rate on the day the Simple Staking Rewards accrues; are rounded down to decimal places which may differ depending on the Digital Currency.

1.1.2 the Simple Staking Rewards Rate: may vary from time to time; and if it is changed, it will apply from the time and date specified by PancakeSwap in partnership with the Binance Earn team. If no time is specified, it will be 00:00 UTC on the day PancakeSwap announces the change will take effect.

1.1.3 Redemption: PancakeSwap will return Simple Staking Assets to you within 72 hours from the end of the Locked Simple Staking Term; in some circumstances, including but not limited to events of extreme market volatility, network delays, a significant number of simultaneous instructions to Redeem from other PancakeSwap users, or there are any other unanticipated events that or mean that your Redemption may be delayed; PancakeSwap may specify a maximum number of Simple Staking Assets available for Redemption each day.

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