What are the fees for PancakeSwap Perpetuals V2 on Arbitrum?

For our launch on Arbitrum, fees will be 0.05% on opening and closing trades for the first month. 50% of the fees collected will be shared with the ALP pool for providing liquidity. Other fees include execution, liquidation and funding fees. More information on fees can be found here.

What is ALP?

Perpetuals v2 on Arbitrum features a separate liquidity pool, the ALP Pool, powered by the ApolloX platform's liquidity provider token, $ALP. Comprising assets such as USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, and BTC, the ALP Pool allows users to become a liquidity provider and earn significant yield by minting $ALP with any of the aforementioned assets. A remarkable 50% of the total platform fee revenues are distributed to ALP liquidity providers, encompassing various components like opening/closing position fees, execution fees, funding fees, and liquidation fees. A guide to staking ALP can be found here.

What is the ALP Syrup Pool?

The new ApolloX ($ALP) Syrup Pool on Arbitrum allows users to earn a boosted yield. Users can stake $ALP tokens to earn rewards in $CAKE tokens with over 20% APY at launch. ALP syrup pool on PancakeSwap . For more details on the syrup pool, including emissions and start and end dates, please refer to the proposal here.

What are the available tokens for Arbitrum?

Supported trading pairs on Arbitrum One are ARBUSD, XRPUSD, DOGEUSD, ETHUSD and BTCUSD. For Degen mode, ETHUSD and BTCUSD are supported. We will look to roll out more pairs in the coming weeks.

I topped up my wallet with USDC on Arbitrum; why can't I see it?

It is most likely that you've topped up native USDC on Aribtrum (0xaf88d065e77c8cC2239327C5EDb3A432268e5831). However, PancakeSwap Perpetuals supports Bridged USDC, USDC.e (0xFF970A61A04b1cA14834A43f5dE4533eBDDB5CC8) as it has higher liquidity. You can swap USDC to USDC.e seamlessly here. For more information on the difference between USDC and USDC.e, please refer to the Circle USDC press release.

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