How to StableSwap

Trading on the StableSwap

Trading on the StableSwap is very similar to using the existing PancakeSwap AMM. Before we start, it also requires a BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet and BNB for gas fees. Please check our wallet guide for more details.

1 - Go to the Swap page here

2 - Choose the token pairs you would like to trade.

3 - Your all set! The following Swap process is the same as usual! If it’s your first time trading please check the guide here.

Adding & Removing Liquidity

Adding and removing liquidity for the StableSwap is also very important and similar to the normal PancakeSwap AMM. Please refer to the guide here for a more detailed explanation. PancakeSwap StableSwap liquidity pools will show "Stable LP" in the pool name.

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