Q: What are Pancake Bunnies and Squads for?

A: Equip heroes with Bunnies and Squads to improve skills. You can only elevate one hero with one Bunny or Squad. You can apply them by choosing the heroes in "Heroes" section.

Q: What are Normal and Exclusive NFTs?

Normal NFTs and Exclusive NFTs are exclusive ranking rewards we offer in beta and seasonal campaigns. To obtain them, you must achieve a high ranking on the leaderboard (details vary in different reward campaigns). Each NFT is contained within a gift box, known as a Surprise Box, and its content is only revealed when opened. The NFT is simultaneously minted on the player's BNB wallet during the reveal.

Normal NFTs:

Normal NFTs are utilized to boost the basic attributes of heroes. These NFTs can also be upgraded to unlock even more powerful effects.

They provide additional effect bonuses without altering the visual appearance of your characters. The maximum quantity of Normal NFTs available for each type is 150.

Exclusive NFTs:

Exclusive NFTs are hero-specific and can only be worn by designated heroes. They offer effect bonuses and come with visual changes to your characters. Among the five types of Exclusive NFTs available, two represent the top faction - Light, while the remaining three belong to Sun, Storm, and Star factions. The maximum quantity of Exclusive NFTs available for each type is 30. Exclusive NFTs are specifically designed to be equipped on certain heroes, granting them new appearances and fancy combat effects.

Normal NFTExclusive NFT


Attributes with gear icon

Attributes with bunny icon


Can be worn by all heroes

Can only be worn by designated heroes


Additional effect bonuses, no visual changes

Additional skills bonuses and visual changes

Hero Faction


Among the 5 types of Exclusive NFTs available, 2 represent the top faction - Light, while the remaining 3 types belong to Sun, Storm, and Star factions.

Maximum Quantity

150 maximum of each type

30 maximum of each type

Q: Will I receive a refund for the CAKE I used during the Beta test?

A: Within 24 hours after the Beta test concludes, we will refund the CAKE to your in-game account. As a friendly reminder, you'll need to manually transfer the CAKE from the in-game account to your BSC wallet.

Q: How to rank high in Arena and Hero Leaderboards?

A: Win Arena Challenges for Arena Stars. More stars mean higher rank. Heroes (not from the market) give Hero Points for the Hero Leaderboard.

Q: I didn't get CAKE rewards after Legion Wars, why?

A: After Legion Wars, CAKE rewards go to each legion based on rank and contribution. Higher contribution means more rewards.

Q: Why can't I sell some heroes on the market?

A: Only 1st-level CAKE heroes can be sold. Get them during the season or buy them on the market. (Note: The main city training ground can lower hero levels.)

Q: What makes CAKE heroes different from regular heroes?

A: CAKE heroes have more benefits. They trade easily and have better attributes. Getting a CAKE hero (not from the market) gives more Hero Points.

Q: I earned Exclusive NFT and Normal NFT on the leaderboard. How can I claim them?

A: To claim your NFTs, you must first open your in-game backpack, find the "Exclusive NFT" or "Normal NFT" items, and click to use them. Please wait patiently for about 1 minute, and then you should receive your NFTs.

Q: What functions does CAKE serve in the game?

A: CAKE is versatile within the game and can be used for several purposes:

  • Recruit powerful CAKE Heroes in the seasonal system. Only CAKE heroes can be traded between players

  • Purchase gold, gift packages, and various rare resources and powerful items

  • Stake CAKE to earn additional resource returns

  • Purchase various privileges in the welfare system

  • Obtain challenge attempts and stamina in the arena to help you climb the rankings

  • Accelerate your progress and yield substantial profits, allowing you to level up faster

Q: I have CAKE in my wallet, so why does the game show that I have no CAKE?

A: You must first open the wallet on the left side of the main interface or click the "+" next to your CAKE balance to import your coins into the game wallet. Only then will the game display your CAKE balance. The game only uses the CAKE balance in the game wallet and does not recognize the CAKE balance in the BSC wallet.

Q: I didn't get staked CAKE after the season in AFK mode, why?

A: Staked CAKE returns to the reward pool after the season. To get it back, you need to manually claim it from the staking pool system.

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