🎮Gaming Platform

PancakeSwap Gaming MarketPlace is a game publishing platform by PancakeSwap which aims to bring fun and engaging games to the PancakeSwap community by working with established 3rd-party crypto game developers.

Players can play any of the games listed on the platform. Hope you have fun!

How to navigate the platform

Upon landing on the gaming platform page, users will be presented with the games currently published on the platform. Each game has its own section. As an example, the following page is for Pancake Protectors. Users can preview the game with the genre and screenshots/videos provided in this section and also see the game's characteristics based on the tags provided.

Click “Play Now” to enter the game. A web3 wallet is required to play games on the gaming platform, and all games are playable within the platform, with no requirements for additional downloads.

Once inside a game, you will find various links which may improve your gaming experience, including video tutorials, quick-access links to acquire resources and other provided by the publishers and PancakeSwap.

To view all information related to the community groups you can join for each game, and the most recent announcements, visit the Community page

Game Developers

If you are looking to publish your game on PancakeSwap’s gaming platform, please visit the Developers page to contact us. Publications of games on the gaming platform is on a whitelist basis, with the following minimum guidelines:

  • Demonstrated prior experience with publishing games

  • Incorporation of PancakeSwap elements into the game

  • Development roadmap of the game post-publication

  • Ongoing technical and community support for the game

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