Business Development Manager

General Information

    Salary range: Competitive, negotiable
    Position: Full-time
    Location: Remote
    Time-zone preference: Any

Your Responsibilities

    Coordinate with partners to ensure a healthy Farm/Syrup Pool and IFO pipeline
    Review and conduct due diligence on projects that apply for Farm/Syrup Pools and IFOs
    Liaise with project teams to explore potential partnership opportunities
    Execute operational matters relating to PancakeSwap products
    Implement best practices between the business development team & the wider team
    Review the latest developments in the crypto space and explore new business lines

Skills & Qualifications

    2+ years’ experience in a business development and/or corporate finance role
    Solid understanding of the cryptocurrency space, especially DeFi
    Ability to speak, read and write in English fluently
    Articulate and able to hold effective conversations with project teams
    Proactive in keeping up to date with the latest trends in the blockchain/crypto space
    Strong attention to detail when analyzing projects
    Ability to work independently and innovate
    Can handle high pressure and a fast-paced work environment

Good to have

    Fluent in a second language
    Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting or other related areas
    Experience with smart contracts and Solidity

How to apply

Email [email protected] with your resume
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