How to Vote

Participating in governance voting is easy, and it is absolutely FREE. You don't even need to pay gas fees! Learn more about how to vote, catch the next proposal and cast your vote.

How to vote

Whenever we publish a new proposal, we always attach the link to the voting page. So be sure to follow our social channels for the news and updates.
Alternatively, you can visit PancakeSwap's native voting portal to browse the proposals in a list. If you don't see the proposal, it may be in the "soon" tab.

Read and pick the choice to vote

the proposal page
On the proposal page. You will find:
  • The content of the proposal
  • The choices to vote
  • The detail of the proposal such as snapshot block and voting window
  • The latest voting result
  • The list of votes
Read the proposal carefully and click the choice you want to vote on.

Confirm and cast your vote

Confirm all the details and click "Confirm Vote", then confirm in your wallet to sign the message.
Done, you just successfully cast your vote.

How to check the details

Check the voting power
Check the snapshot block
Before casting your vote, you will see a "Confirm Vote" window.
In this window, you can double-check the following items:
  • The choice you picked
  • Your voting power
If you are not sure about how the voting power is calculated, click on the ">" to bring up the detailed breakdown.
Please note that only CAKE held in the following places will contribute to the total number of voting power:
  1. 1.
    In wallet
  2. 2.
    Flexible CAKE Staking (both in CAKE pool and side pool)
  3. 3.
    Fixed Term CAKE Staking (boosted by vCAKE!)
  4. 4.
    Other Syrup Pools (provided by other projects)
  5. 5.
CAKE held in other places does not contribute to your voting power.

Check the snapshot block

Voting power is calculated based on a snapshot taken on the snapshot block. Therefore, purchasing or depositing more CAKE after the proposal is posted is not going to increase the voting power for that particular proposal.
If you want to know the exact time of the snapshot block. Simple click on the block number and look for the timestamp on the BscScan page.