Voting gives a voice to the PancakeSwap community, letting the community have a say in how PancakeSwap develops into the future.

Check out PancakeSwap's native voting portal and our Forum page.

veCAKE holders have voting rights in PancakeSwap’s governance system. These are the topics that are within the scope of governance:

  1. [Core] High-level CAKE emission adjustments (allocating CAKE to Core Pools and other high-level categories)

  2. [Core] Protocol adjustments (product changes, fee changes)

  3. [Core] Multichain warchest spending

  4. Regular gauges voting (every 2 weeks)

Core topics must be voted on by veCAKE holders, but can only be proposed by the PancakeSwap Core Team. The result of a Core proposal will be actioned by the PancakeSwap team.

Community proposals are posted by the PancakeSwap community. These are used to propose ideas and express the community's point of view. The PancakeSwap team will incorporate any good ideas or designs with strong community support into Core proposals. Community members may also utilize our Forum to provide feedback and make suggestions to the protocol.


The PancakeSwap Core Team has veto rights, and can perform corrective actions when it concerns the security or proper functioning of the protocol, without going through a Snapshot poll. In the case of any veto action, the PancakeSwap Core Team will provide an explanation.

Possible actions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Pausing relevant smart contracts while fixing a critical bug in the protocol

  2. Rejecting a gauge that was successfully added if the token(s) in question is deemed unsafe, malicious, and/or detrimental to the PancakeSwap ecosystem

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