Controlling CAKE supply

Does CAKE have a hard cap?

Yes, CAKE now has a hard cap set at 450M.

A proposal for the latest cap adjustment was put forward on December 28, 2023. This proposal aimed to further decrease the cap from 750M to 450M. It was subsequently presented to our community for voting and was successfully passed.

For more details on the voting proposal, please follow this link:

How CAKE supply is reduced

The chefs aim to make deflation higher than emission by building deflationary mechanisms into PancakeSwap's products. The goal is for more CAKE to leave circulation than the amount of CAKE that's produced.

Reducing block emissions

By reducing the amount of CAKE made per block, we slow inflation. This has already been done once: Since the first reduction in block emissions, we've already effectively reduced the number of CAKE entering circulation from 40 CAKE per block to 11.16. But we don't want to do this too frequently, too early, we want to still incentivize people to provide liquidity.

Deflationary mechanisms

Regular token burns (view burn address) are built into many of PancakeSwap's products (like a 20% burn of CAKE spent on lottery tickets), with more on the way. Check the CAKE Tokenomics page for details on present and upcoming deflationary mechanisms.

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