veCAKE / Gauges

For more information about veCAKE and gauges from a project's perspective, please view this PDF:

To summarize, there are two ways to incentivize liquidity on PancakeSwap as a project:

  1. Lock CAKE as veCAKE on BNB Chain, vote for your desired gauges

  2. Bribe on one of our veCAKE Managers to influence others to vote for your desired gauges

Both methods will result in your desired gauges / liquidity pairs receiving CAKE incentives via our Farms. The gauges first need to be whitelisted on PancakeSwap.

How to have a gauge whitelisted:

Step 1: Refer to the application template on our governance forum

Step 2: Start a new topic on the forum in the ‘Gauges’ Category with the above-mentioned format

Step 3: Discuss with PancakeSwap community members on the details of your proposal

Step 4: The Kitchen will review and add the gauge if it is appropriate

Step 5: If a gauge is malicious or detrimental to the PancakeSwap ecosystem, the PancakeSwap Core Team can reject / remove the gauge

Step 6: Once the gauge is added, veCAKE holders can start voting for the gauge in the same epoch

Step 7: Once the current epoch ends, and assuming the gauge receives some veCAKE votes, CAKE rewards will begin streaming to the underlying liquidity pool / position manager vault starting in the next epoch

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