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This document aims to establish clear and concise guidelines on what PancakeSwap expects from the ambassadors who apply to become a translator.

PancakeSwap is a global project that welcomes millions of users from different parts of the world. We must establish clear and concise communication channels with each user, regardless of their language.

Requirements to Apply

  1. Having advanced proficiency in the source and target languages.

  2. Having translation training, either through a degree or working experience.

  3. Having a good understanding of the crypto language

  4. Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team.

  5. Having a good understanding of the culture and norms of the target language.

  6. Showing research skills and knowledge to handle translating texts' ambiguity and complexity.

  7. Demonstrating a high level of commitment and responsibility in work.

Please Note

PancakeSwap will choose one or up to two Ambassadors for translation after a selection process. This will be given for the languages that PancakeSwap deems necessary, may not include some languages, or keep those who perform translations today.

Translators will receive the necessary means and access to carry out their work.

The translation must be carried out as soon as possible. And will be pending evaluation by PancakeSwap and the entire community.

Target Languages Wanted

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • French

  • Georgian

  • German

  • Hindi

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Turkish

  • Vietnamese

🙂 Want to be part of the PancakeSwap family? Apply now 👉https://forms.gle/8Subjv4eZ16XxftHA

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