Ambassador Program

The PancakeSwap Ambassador Program is designed to empower our most dedicated users and supporters. Our ambassadors play a crucial role in representing the PancakeSwap brand, educating new users about our platform, and contributing to the growth of our ecosystem.

📈 Our Ambassador Program is organized into several categories to ensure that our ambassadors have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Roles include: Community Moderators, Translators, Content Creators, and Event Organizers/Local Representatives. No matter if you aspire to build a strong community, create engaging content, translate, or represent PancakeSwap in your region, there's a role for everyone!

🛠️ Our ambassadors will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources they need to succeed, and will also receive rewards for their contributions and efforts. As we have a diverse global community, our program is accessible to everyone.


👥Community Moderation

As you may know, the PancakeSwap community extends across several platforms, including Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. We want to invite people who wish to participate as moderators of these communities to join the PancakeSwap family.

Community Moderators will help to manage and moderate PancakeSwap's various social media channels and online communities, ensuring that users have a positive and engaging experience.


In order to truly reach and engage with our diverse global community, we understand the importance of offering our articles and resources in multiple languages.

Whether it's translating blog posts, social media updates, or community events, our ambassadors will ensure that the PancakeSwap messages and initiatives are accurately and effectively communicated to users in their respective regions.

📹Content Creation (Soon)

🎟️Events/Meetups (Soon)

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