Commission Structure and Payment


Our commission structure is as follows:

ProductPancakeSwap V2PancakeSwap V3PancakeSwap StableswapPancakeSwap Perpetuals

Commission Rate (Based on trading fees)





Profit Sharing with users (Customizable)

Up to 100%

Up to 100%

Up to 100%

Users get 20% of commissions fixed***

* To be eligible for commissions, the swap trades must have a token pair that:

  • Is in the “PancakeSwap Extended” official token list; and

  • includes at least 1 major token (i.e., BNB, BTC, BUSD, ETH, USDT and/or USDC)

  • Limited to swap trades on BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum chain only

**Perpetuals are prohibited from certain jurisdiction, please ensure you are eligible to trade derivatives on this platform.

***Trading fees on perpetual trades (or any Referral’s position which may incur liquidation fees) do not include any liquidation fees for liquidating your Referrals’ position. Limited to perpetual trades on BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum chain only.


Payment will be paid out to affiliates whose users have accumulated qualified transactions based on the above structure. After each on-chain transaction, we'll calculate your commissions in USD and convert them to CAKE tokens at the time of distribution. We do this by determining the USD value of trades and then converting your commission into CAKE tokens based on the current CAKE token price when paying out. More details can be found on the Program Rules & Guidelines page.

You can keep an eye on your earnings from the Dashboards page (coming soon!) You’ll also be able to redeem your commissions once a month on the same page. A guide will be posted here on the redemption process.

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