Contract Roles


Owner (onlyOwner)

The contract owner


Address can be different depending on the pool, however, is usually 0xad9d97fc7bf0ac6dc68d478dcb3709454519b358

This address controlled is by gnosis multisignature contract with a threshold of 3/6


emergencyRewardWithdraw - Owner

    function emergencyRewardWithdraw(uint256 _amount) external onlyOwner {
        rewardToken.safeTransfer(address(msg.sender), _amount);

In case of an emergency, the Owner can withdraw the rewards from a pool contract.

recoverWrongTokens - Owner

 function recoverWrongTokens(address _tokenAddress, uint256 _tokenAmount) external onlyOwner {
        require(_tokenAddress != address(stakedToken), "Cannot be staked token");
        require(_tokenAddress != address(rewardToken), "Cannot be reward token");

        IBEP20(_tokenAddress).safeTransfer(address(msg.sender), _tokenAmount);

        emit AdminTokenRecovery(_tokenAddress, _tokenAmount)

Used by the Owner to recover tokens other than the stakedToken and rewardToken in case they are mistakenly sent to the contract.

stopRewards - Owner

    function stopReward() external onlyOwner {
        bonusEndBlock = block.number;

If a pool need stop distributing rewards prior to the intended end of the reward distribution, the Owner can call this function.

updatePoolLimitPerUser - Owner

function updatePoolLimitPerUser(bool _hasUserLimit, uint256 _poolLimitPerUser) external onlyOwner {
        require(hasUserLimit, "Must be set");
        if (_hasUserLimit) {
            require(_poolLimitPerUser > poolLimitPerUser, "New limit must be higher");
            poolLimitPerUser = _poolLimitPerUser;
        } else {
            hasUserLimit = _hasUserLimit;
            poolLimitPerUser = 0;
        emit NewPoolLimit(poolLimitPerUser);

Owner can call this function to update the staking limit for each pool. The staking limit can only be increased, never decreased. This ensures that no user ever has more staked than the staking limit.

UpdateRewardPerBlock - Owner

 function updateRewardPerBlock(uint256 _rewardPerBlock) external onlyOwner {
        require(block.number < startBlock, "Pool has started");
        rewardPerBlock = _rewardPerBlock;
        emit NewRewardPerBlock(_rewardPerBlock);

Can be called by the Owner, but only prior to the start of the pool. This cannot be modified once the pool has begun.

updateStartAndEndBlocks - Owner

   function updateStartAndEndBlocks(uint256 _startBlock, uint256 _bonusEndBlock) external onlyOwner {
        require(block.number < startBlock, "Pool has started");
        require(_startBlock < _bonusEndBlock, "New startBlock must be lower than new endBlock");
        require(block.number < _startBlock, "New startBlock must be higher than current block");

        startBlock = _startBlock;
        bonusEndBlock = _bonusEndBlock;

        // Set the lastRewardBlock as the startBlock
        lastRewardBlock = startBlock;

        emit NewStartAndEndBlocks(_startBlock, _bonusEndBlock);

Can be called by the Owner, but only prior to the start of the pool. This cannot be modified once the pool has begun.

transferOwnership - Owner


If the Owner needs to change the ownership of the contract, they can call this function.

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