Deployers for deploying new IFOs

Contract info

Each IFO has its own smart contract. You may find their address with the link to BscScan on the history IFO page, under each IFO sale.

Alternatively, you may track each IFO using its deployer.

IFO Deployers


Previously Used:

  • 0xa5465248b3A8986d86ACA968c0c076250263409F

  • 0x3b3e6b959b842a1634bb96b1d924e98bca38f4e7

  • 0x4684B399607f67e26a21e9F2A73eaE97e28D246d

  • 0xBdC44f83de2e66534e555dABeD640c9aF290cE54

  • 0xd4E7F319A22A746518e9b8b79854B30b0C7Bf5Df

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