How to Set Up an NFT Profile

Create a personalized profile on PancakeSwap to share your personality with the world. Choose a cute bunny NFT for your profile picture, give yourself a unique name, and join an awesome team!

Having your profile created will let you to share your NFT profile picture and achievements with friends, and let you join special PancakeSwap team events. This process will cost a total of 1.5 CAKE.

1. Visit Your Profile under Teams & Profile here.\

2. Under “Choose your Starter!”, pick one of the available bunny NFTs you’d like for your profile picture. The NFT will cost you 1 CAKE.

For this example we’ll use Dollop.\

3. Click Approve, then confirm the action in your wallet. Once it's approved, click Confirm.


4. A new page will load saying “Choose collectible”. We’ll pick our Dollop we chose earlier. If you already own multiple NFTs you can choose one from a list of NFTs you own.

If you face Oops! error, please check troubleshooting.

5. Click Enable, then confirm the action in your wallet. Once it's approved, click Next Step.\

6. On the next page you will be asked to join a team. Joining a team lets you compete in special events to earn special, limited rewards! Choose a team under “Join a Team”. For this example we will choose Syrup Storm.

7. Click the Next Step button.\

8. Next we will set our profile name. Type your name into the “Enter your name…” field.

If you face "username keeps spinning" issue, please check troubleshooting.

9. Read the warning in red, and click the “I understand…” checkbox.

10. Click the Confirm button, then confirm the action in your wallet. Once it's confirmed, click the Complete Profile button.

11. You’ll receive a message saying your profile contract will cost you 0.5 CAKE. Click Enable, then confirm the action in your wallet. After it's approved, click the Confirm button.

12. After a short wait your new profile will appear. Looking good!\

You may notice your name is starred out. To view your name, click the 👁 eye icon to the right of the stars, then you should now see your profile name.

Congratulations! You now have your profile set up. Now anyone can view your profile to see your profile NFT picture, your team of choice, and your PancakeSwap achievements. You're also ready to participate in any special team events when they happen!

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